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Fiesta Seafood Laksa



Like the coconut milky dishes? Let’s try this laksa recipe!


1 Wrap Fiesta Seafood Shrimp Tofu (fried, split 2)

2 Wrap Fiesta Seafood Fish Ball (split 4)

5 pieces of the yellow (fried, cut into the box)

100 grams of rice noodles (brewed hot water)

100 grams of bean sprouts (brewed hot water)

100 grams of cucumber (cut into matchsticks)

10 sprigs cilantro (Pull the leaves)

2 cm galangal (crushed)

1 stalk lemongrass (crushed)

3 lime leaves

1000 ml water shrimp broth

500 ml coconut milk

2 leeks (sliced)

lime wedges

salt to taste

sugar to taste

oil for frying

Ground Spices:

3 eggs hazelnut, toasted

1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste, roasted

3 cm turmeric, burned

3 red chilies

3 pieces of red cayenne pepper

4 cloves garlic

3 spring onions

1 tablespoon dried shrimp

How to Cook:

Heat the oil. Sauté ground spices, galangal, lemon grass and lime leaves until fragrant.

Pour the broth, add salt and sugar. Cook until boiling.

Enter coconut milk and fish ball. Cook until done. Add the leek.

Tata in a bowl, rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, cucumber and cilantro. Perasi lime juice and pour the sauce and fish ball.

Place the tofu fried shrimp on top. Laksa ready to be served.


For 5 servings