Resep Fiesta Seafood

Shrimp Ball and Fish Ball with White Dashi Stocks



Let’s warm our family with the warmth of this special soup.


Shrimp ball and fish ball

Dashi Broth Ingredients:

100g katsubushi

1 kombu

2 teaspoons hondashi

10ml mirin

300ml water

Other Materials:

1 mushrooms shitake

1/4 wrap enoki mushrooms

1 finely cut onions

1 large red chili minced

3 stalks of coriander leaves

10gr seaweed


How to Cook:

Create broth dashi by mixing all the ingredients and boil until boiling after the strain.

Boil the mushrooms shitake, enoki mushrooms with broth

Serve with Fiesta Seafood shrimp ball and fish ball and cilantro, scallions, red peppers and seaweed.