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Fiesta seafood is processed seafood products produced by CP Prima and its subsidiaries (CP Bahari), which is the first aqualculture company integrated from upstream to downstream. Using shrimp and fish that are 100% free of antibiotics because it comes from their own farms as the main ingredient, Fiesta Seafood presents original seafood with flavors of fresh seafood for the Indonesian family.

For processed products, Fiesta Seafood does not contain preservatives and colors on any products derived from natural materials, such as the red color of shrimp and the green color derived from vegetable materials contained in the product.

Fiesta Seafood processing products hygienically performed with strict quality control on each production line. Fiesta Seafood products are also cooled at the temperature of -45C so the bacteria die and the distribution process was carried out at the temperature of -18C all the way up to the store.

Fiesta Seafood is great to be consumed by Indonesian family, either in the morning or at as well as snacking time because it is practical. With Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential amino acids that are very important for body’s health, made Fiesta Seafood as a safe product consumed by everyone.